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Therapeutic Botox

Therapeutic Botox  at West End Dental, in Portland, ORMany people have heard of the term Botox or botulism toxin before. However, have you ever heard of therapeutic Botox? It is more than just removing wrinkles and any other imperfections on your face. Here at West End Dental, our goal is to educate people so that they are aware of the different kinds of medical procedures to help benefit them with great dental treatments. Learn more about therapeutic Botox and how it can benefit you below.

Is It Just For Cosmetic Purposes?

Botox was initially employed for the paralysis of facial muscles responsible for creating wrinkles around peoples faces. Over time, it was recognized that Botox could be used to resolve other health problems using the same mechanism of action. Chronic or excessive muscle tone can lead to vision problems, muscle spasms, headaches, and overactive bladder. These problems led to the non-cosmetic or therapeutic uses of Botox.

Is It Safe?

Botox has been legal to use for around thirty years now. It is completely safe as long as it is administered by expert hands, in small doses. If it is done properly by a licensed health professional, you can get many benefits from this drug. Having a way to reduce or remove pain from your life could make it to where you can have a better overall quality of life.

What Are the Different Ways It Can Benefit Me?

The primary benefit that one can get from therapeutic Botox is pain relief from chronic or excessive muscular activity that it offers. When muscle tension is reduced, inflammation, swelling, and pain are reduced. The muscles associated with jaw movement are often affected, causing cycles of clenching and headaches. Botox can also be used to dampen the hyperactive lip muscles that can cause a “gummy smile”.

If you struggle with facial pain or a hyperactive lip, Botox may be beneficial to you. Small injections of Botox can be placed into the muscles associated with jaw or lip movement and alleviate pain and reduce lip movement To find out more about what Botox could do for you specifically, it is best to have a consultation with one of our experienced professionals.

If it is done in the right hands, therapeutic Botox can be the solution that you have been looking for. Why wait any longer? Come visit us at West End Dental today to get the results that you deserve or call us at (503) 446-2957.
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