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Porcelain Fixed Bridges
Man hand holding a dental bridge of spare teeth in downtown Portland, OR at West End Dental OfficeYou can suffer tooth loss for a variety of reasons. You might lose a tooth due to facial trauma, such as a sports injury or a fall. You can lose a tooth or two because of gum disease. You may have suffered severe tooth decay and require a tooth extraction. When you are missing a tooth, it is important to have it replaced, even if that tooth is out of sight when you smile. West End Dental can replace a missing tooth with a porcelain fixed bridge.

What Happens When I Lose a Tooth?

Tooth loss causes several significant issues. Even the loss of just one tooth can have several major effects.
•  Biting and chewing become more challenging. This can significantly affect your digestion as well as your overall nutrition.
•  Your speech may be affected.
•  You are at an increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Your risk for tooth damage also increases.
•  Even if the tooth is out of view, you smile can still be affected. Over time, your healthy teeth can shift out of alignment, altering your bite and impacting both your oral health and your smile.

What is a Fixed Bridge?

Bridges are a traditional treatment used to replace a single missing tooth or up to three consecutive missing teeth. While there are a few different types of bridges, fixed bridges are the most commonly used. This type of bridge consists of a pontic tooth or a tooth that fills in the empty space left behind by your missing tooth, as well as two dental crowns. The crowns sit on each side of the pontic tooth and are used to anchor the bridge into place on the adjacent teeth, or abutment teeth, providing your restoration with secure stability.

We provide fixed bridges made from porcelain. This material provides an incredibly realistic restoration. Porcelain is not only tooth colored, but it can also be stained to perfectly match the exact color of your natural teeth. Additionally, porcelain also reflects light just like your natural tooth enamel. No one will be able to tell your bridge from the rest of your real teeth.

Placing Your Porcelain Fixed Bridge

Placing a porcelain fixed bridge generally takes two appointments. At your first appointment, we prepare the abutment teeth. This process involves removing a portion of the enamel from each tooth to reduce them in size. Making the teeth smaller helps to ensure that your bridge will fit comfortably and naturally in with the rest of your surrounding teeth. Next, we take an impression of your mouth. This impression is sent to our dental lab, where it is used to design and create your custom porcelain bridge. At your second appointment, after the bridge has been finished, the restoration is checked for fit and bite. If no adjustments are needed, the bridge is secured into place on the abutment teeth using specialized dental cement.

Benefits of a Porcelain Fixed Bridge

Porcelain fixed bridges provide several benefits.
•  You can bite and chew normally.
•  Your speech is restored.
•  Your teeth are kept in proper alignment. This helps to prevent shifting.
•  Your smile is restored. Porcelain perfectly matches the color of your natural teeth, providing a completely realistic restoration.

Replacing a missing tooth, even out of sight when you smile, is essential for giving you back your quality of life and allowing your teeth and mouth to function normally. For more information, and to schedule your consultation, call West End Dental today at (503) 446-2957.
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We here at West End Dental can replace a missing tooth with a porcelain fixed bridge. For more information, and to schedule your consultation.
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