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Therapeutic (Juvederm) Dermal Fillers

Therapeutic (Juvederm) Dermal Fillers at West End Dental, in Portland, ORLately, talk has been going around about therapeutic dermal fillers entering the world of dentistry. This may confuse some people as this seems like a cosmetic procedure that does not relate to the mouth. However, you may be surprised to find out why it is moving its way into dentistry. We here at West End Dental, love to update you on the latest practices that we have to offer to you. You can read through to see why therapeutic dermal fillers are related to dentistry and why they are beneficial for you.

What Are Therapeutic Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are commonly confused with Botox, but they are different. For example, dermal fillers are meant to plump the face, whereas Botox is meant to remove fine lines. However, they are both used to achieve a younger appearance, hence why people enjoy getting both done.They can be made out of either synthetic or natural materials. Whether you choose synthetic or natural dermal fillers, they both work the same way. The only difference is that the natural ones tend to wear off faster, which will require regular touch-ups over time.

What Are the Benefits of Therapeutic Dermal Fillers

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of getting therapeutic dermal fillers is to plump and fill out tissue folds. One of the most common places to get these are where the lines form when you smile. The effect of time, gravity, and diminished skin elasticity causes these skin folds and lines. By injecting the dermal fillers directly into these areas, they begin to disappear. People with thin lips also enjoy getting therapeutic dermal fillers done. It easily makes them larger. Another predominant use of dermal fillers is that they help achieve a more youthful look. In areas where skin folds the deepest, people can get chronic irritation and redness of the skin, that can lead to yeast infections. Dermal fillers can resolve this phenomenon.

How Is It Related to Dentistry?

We have taken it upon ourselves to offer therapeutic dermal fillers to our patients. A lot of people have been coming to us for this treatment. We as dentists are specifically trained in the anatomy of the head and neck, particularly relative to the areas related to jaw function. Due to this, we know precisely where and how to do injections anywhere in or around the facial area. We know how to make it quick and nearly painless while ensuring a positive outcome. This is especially true to those who want therapeutic dermal fillers in their lips.

Why settle for less when you can get the best? We here at West End Dental are the professionals that you need to get your dermal fillers done. Visit us today and see our expertise for yourself or call us at (503) 446-2957. If you are not sure what type of results you could even get from this type of procedure, give us a call and let us explain what options we can offer you.
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