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Digital X-Rays
Portland, OR

Digital x-rays at West End Dental in downtown Portland, ORMany of our patients visit us for routine dental care. This includes tooth and mouth examination for their professional cleanings. During the dental exam, we get a chance to look more closely at all the teeth, gums, bones, and soft tissues of the mouth to see if they are healthy and strong. At West End Dental, we may decide a digital x-ray is necessary to complete the dental exam. These x-rays help us to look more closely at the teeth and determine if there are any concerning issues which need more attention.

What are Digital X-Rays?

Digital X-rays are one of the best tools used in our office to help get a look at your teeth and mouth. With this type of x-ray, image sensors will be used rather than the traditional film. Many patients agree the traditional film is uncomfortable and hard to hold in place between their teeth during the x-ray. Digital x-rays do not use traditional film and can provide clearer pictures to our team to help them diagnose and treat many dental conditions.
Even though the traditional film is not used in this type of x-ray, the digital images will be far clearer than traditional x-rays. There is the added benefit of digital x-rays saving time because we do not need to wait for the chemical film processing to finish in order to produce the image. Another benefit is these digital x-rays require less radiation, which is safer for us and our patients. We can get our patients in and out with these digital x-rays in no time, providing them with a healthy smile, and the right treatment option, which works for them.

What To Expect with a Digital X-Ray?

If our team decides to take a digital x-ray of your mouth during your dental exam, you will find the process is not much different than a traditional x-ray done in the past. Our team can help you get set up, properly positioned to offer the best look at the area of your mouth we are focused on. We will ask our patients to stay still for a few moments so the x-ray can get an accurate picture of the mouth. No film or other items are necessary in the mouth.

Depending on what our dentist is looking for, we may repeat this process a few times. This helps our dentist to get additional views and a good look at the mouth during the exam. Digital x-rays often take less than 15 minutes to complete. Our team can then take a look at the images and determine if more are needed. From there, we can offer a viable treatment option for you.

At West End Dental we offer digital x-rays to make your dental visit better. After a comprehensive dental exam, dental x-rays can help us get a closer look at an area we think might warrant some further attention. If you would like to set up your dental exam and see if digital x-rays are the right choice for you, contact us at (503) 446-2957 today.
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At West End Dental we offer digital x-rays to make your dental visit better. If you would like to set up your dental exam, including digital x-rays, call us today!
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