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Will Braces Offer Dental Solutions to My Situation?

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Office of Dr. James A. Krippaehne
Will Braces Offer Dental Solutions to My Situation?The use of braces for cosmetic dentistry and enhancing one's aesthetics have been used for over a decade. A visit to our offices can change your dental challenges as we offer various procedures to correct one's smile and improve their confidence. But what are some situations that may compel one to need braces?

Misaligned Jaw

Overcrowded and crooked teeth are the major causes of misaligned jaws as they temper the temporal mandibular joints, resulting in uneven and painful bites. This may even lead to asymmetrical facial structures and impact your overall outlook. Therefore, using braces, your jaws are corrected back to their position, uplifting your aesthetics and smile.

Teeth Overcrowding

Having overcrowded teeth is expected, and having gaps is commonly referred to as diastema. Overcrowding the teeth is brought about by insufficient space in the gumline to accommodate the emerging teeth, resulting in other dental complications. Braces come in handy to correct overcrowded teeth by applying the necessary pressure to align them into position. Our dentist will keenly monitor your medications over time to ensure that the necessary adjustments are made at par.

Periodontal Problems

Misaligned teeth are associated with periodontal diseases to the poor oral hygiene practiced by the patients. It is tough to floss or brush your misaligned teeth as they significantly overlap one another, causing gingivitis and gum disease. Using braces corrects them and aligns them into their positions, enhancing one's dental care. You now have the right environment to clean your teeth thoroughly.

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