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What Does Stress Really Do to Your Enamel?

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Office of Dr. James A. Krippaehne
What Does Stress Really Do to Your Enamel?Your enamel is a big asset to your teeth as well as your whole body. The enamel is the white outer layer of your teeth. It protects your tooth from all forms of bacteria. It prevents infection from penetrating into your tooth. It shields your tooth from harmful chemicals in food. You want to keep your enamel in the best possible shape to ensure the health of your tooth. However, if you are putting stress on your enamel, it may compromise your teeth.

Stress Comes in Two Forms

Stress can be the pressure against your teeth, or it can be a reaction to a stimulus against your enamel. First, we will talk about the pressure against your teeth. Some people have bruxism. This disorder is easy to spot as the patients have a habit of clenching or grinding their teeth. Their teeth look smooth and worn down. For some bruxism is voluntary, for others they do it in their sleep and do not even know they do this. This type of stress on your teeth can cause your enamel to wear off. If you suspect you have bruxism, it is important to be seen in our office right away so we can help you and protect your teeth.

If your body under stress, your enamel may be affected. For instance, if your immune system is not absorbing nutrients well, your body is not supplying your enamel with the calcium it needs. Additionally, stress in your body can also cause you to eat sugary and starchy snacks which will quickly compromise the enamel on your teeth. Try to reduce the stress in your life. Doing so will positively impact your enamel.

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