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What Vaping Means For Oral Health

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Office of Dr. James A. Krippaehne
What Vaping Means For Oral HealthWe all know how smoking is bad for our oral health, but that's why you switched to vaping, right? Sadly, recent studies suggest that vaping is pretty much as bad as traditional cigarettes.

You see, the aerosol produced by e-cigarettes is commonly mistaken for water vapor. This is where the 'vaping is totally harmless' myth emerged from. In reality, however, this vapor is made up of nicotine, which is bad for oral and overall body health, and numerous heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Most of these chemicals are also linked to heart disease, respiratory disease and cancer.

Receding Gums

Nicotine affects oral health by reducing the user's blood flow, which in-turn affects their gums and teeth. Without a sufficient flow of blood travelling in our veins, our gums don't receive a sufficient amount of nutrients and oxygen to stay healthy.

For this reason, it is safe to say that vaping directly affects the user's gum tissues, and in turn, causes receding gums and tooth sensitivity.

Tooth Decay, Bacteria and Dry Mouth

The nicotine from vapes reduces the amount of saliva produced in our mouth. The lack of saliva produces an excess of bacteria, plaque build-up and dry mouth; inevitably leading to tooth decay.

Tooth Damage and Bruxism

The nicotine from vapes produces the same effect as a muscle stimulant, which causes users to grind their teeth (also known as bruxism), or worsen your oral health if you're prone to tooth grinding.

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Even though e-cigarettes and vapes don't consist of tobacco, they still cause a lot of problems for your oral health. If you vape, you should watch out for the common symptoms of gum disease, which include receding gums, loose teeth, swollen gums, or bad breath.

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