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Why Might Your Filling Leak?

Posted on 4/15/2020 by Office of Dr. James A. Krippaehne
Why Might Your Filling Leak? Some fillings stop providing their useful purpose when they start leaking. A filling leaks when the side of the restoration does not fit snugly against a tooth. In turn, both saliva and food debris can seep between the tooth and filling, leading to dental problems. You can experience leaking if the filling is made of amalgam (silver) or a composite (resin) material.

Why do Filings Leak?

Once you get a filling to seal a cavity, you might think that you will have that filling for life. However, fillings wear down over time, which can lead to problems with leaks. These leaks can cause further tooth decay, which makes the tooth sensitive to the cold and heat, and often causes dental pain. If you received a filling about 30 years ago, it is probably time to replace the restoration. Otherwise, you will defeat the purpose of placing the filling in the first place.

Why Are Fillings Replaced?

As they say, “Nothing lasts forever.” That includes fillings too. Besides leaks, you should get a filling replaced when you notice signs of decay. This may result from a leak or another reason. Decay can only cause more damage if it is not addressed immediately. You should also replace a filling when you notice any fracture, such as cracking or chipping. Those cracks and chips can release filling pieces in the mouth and create a choking hazard! Therefore, don't waste any time calling our office if your fillings look cracked or chipped. If leaking is a problem, you might find that the filling has created a gap inside the tooth. If so, you need to call our office right away. As you can see, fillings serve a good purpose, as long as they stay in good shape. If your fillings have become worn or need to be replaced, now is a good time to call our office. We will examine the fillings and create a plan of replacement. Normally, it does not take that long to replace a filling, and it is time that is well-spent. Give us a call today if you have fillings that leak or that display fractures or worn areas.
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