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If You Multitask When You Brush, You May Be Missing Areas in Your Mouth

Posted on 2/29/2020 by Office of Dr. James A. Krippaehne
If You Multitask When You Brush, You May Be Missing Areas in Your MouthBrushing twice daily is one of the best things you can do for the health of your teeth, but are you doing it properly? Knowing the right brushing technique is the first step to cleaning your teeth well, but you should also try and avoid distractions while brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeth while distracted can hurt your teeth-cleaning results and leave behind harmful plaque and residue that will build up over time.

Why Distracted Brushing Can be Problematic

In order to effectively clean your teeth using a toothbrush you're supposed to rub the bristles over every surface of your teeth. That means along your gum line and along the inside, outside and biting surfaces of each of your teeth. Miss any of those spots and you're leaving behind gunk that will harm your mouth over time. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to remember whether you cleaned all of those surfaces or not while brushing. This becomes nearly impossible to remember when brushing distracted.

That's why it's important to try and focus on the task-at-hand while cleaning your teeth. Think about your brushing technique and make note of the teeth you've cleaned and what ones still need to be scrubbed as you progress through your mouth. Really focus for the two minutes it takes to get your teeth fully cleaned with your toothbrush, and you'll enjoy a cleaner mouth and improved oral health as a result. Brushing while distracted can lead to brushing too hard or brushing at the wrong angle along your gumline as well. These mistakes can be problematic over time.

There are far worse things that you could do than to brush your teeth distracted, but it's still best to avoid the practice whenever you can. Think about cleaning your teeth, be present in the moment and your teeth will think you for the effort. Plus, brushing your teeth can almost be a relaxing form of meditation when done with enough focus. Use it as an excuse to take a break from your thoughts and to clear your mind. Come and see us today for more cleaning tips and an oral checkup to keep your mouth in top shape.
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