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Foods That Can Help You Naturally Whiten Your Teeth on a Daily Basis

Posted on 7/13/2019 by Office of Dr. James A. Krippaehne
Foods That Can Help You Naturally Whiten Your Teeth on a Daily BasisJust like there are some foods out there that can stain your teeth, there are also foods out there that can naturally whiten the teeth. These foods are not only great for whitening the teeth, but they provide a series of vitamins and nutrients that boost your immune system and give your body significant boost.

Try These Top Foods to Whiten Teeth

We can provide whitening procedures right here in our office, but if you want to try to whiten your teeth naturally beforehand to aid in the whitening process, these foods are great to eat.

Apples are great for a number of reasons. They have malic acid, which is usually found in toothpastes, as well as scrubbing properties when you're crunching on them. Pineapple is also a great choice because it contains bromelain. Pineapple cleanses and provides an anti-inflammatory response to the body.

Raisins help to cleanse the teeth and boost saliva production in the mouth, which helps to fight bacteria. Eating cereal with raisins gives you an added boost to your teeth, on a semi-regular basis. They can also help to prevent plaque, staining and decay that could happen.

Water is always a good thing to enjoy on a regular basis. It is good for your health and body, and it is also good for your teeth. Keeping your body properly hydrated is vital to your overall health, as well as your oral health. Just try and steer clear of bottled water as it doesn't contain fluoride, which your teeth need.

Before any whitening procedure, it is best to get a thorough cleaning. If you find that you're still not getting the results you are looking for from these natural whitening solutions, we would be happy to explain our whitening process to you and how it can benefit you. Contact our office today to learn more.

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