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Never Place an Aspirin On Your Gums

Posted on 1/20/2019 by Office of Dr. James A. Krippaehne
Never Place an Aspirin On Your GumsWe've all been there before – a sudden toothache out of nowhere, flares of pain, and while fumbling around in the medicine cabinet for some relief we find a bottle of chewable aspirin hiding behind the empty tube of oral numbing gel.

It's an old folk remedy, to chew up aspirin or even spread it around like a paste over the site, but here's why you shouldn't actually do that!

Acid Aches

The biggest reason not to put aspirin on your gums is simply that it is an acidic product. You wouldn't reach for a can of soda (PH value:

We've discussed the risks of acidic food and drink before, but in particular when you are already feeling pain, you should avoid exacerbating that by splashing more acid around on top of an existing sore, wound, or site of infection.

Eroding Your Roots

Furthermore, the active ingredients in aspirin can dissolve through the bottoms of your teeth, leading to pits and holes that problematic infections can use to get to your nerves, roots, and gums. If you didn't have a killer toothache before, you certainly will afterwards, once the aspirin carves out a way for the pain's source to spread and fester.

It Doesn't Really Work

Whatever relief you feel from chewing up an aspirin and letting it sit on your gum line, it is not nearly as beneficial as the relief you would feel from swallowing the aspirin whole.

While aspirin can be used as a topical agent, and research indicates that the agent will work approximately twice as fast, it will also wear off much faster, and be less focused on the source of the pain than if you let your body naturally direct it. You'll end up using more aspirin for the same amount of relief, and each pill will then contribute to further wear and damage as you chew it up and rest it on the site.

For a solution that does work to relief pain, give us a call. There are many healthy and safe alternatives to soothe your aching gums, and we'll work with you to discover which is best for your unique mouth.
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