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Can I Whiten My Teeth if They Have Bonding on Them?

Posted on 4/1/2024 by Weo Admin
Woman smiling with dental bonding from West End Dental in Portland, ORBonding is a great way for dentists to fix many issues with patient teeth. Bonding can mend lots of broken, cracked, or chipped teeth. However, if you want to whiten your teeth, bonding can be a problem. Can you get your teeth whitened if you have bonding on them? Here is some more information about bonding and tooth whitening.

About Bonding

Dentists use bonding agents nearly every day in their practices. Bonding agents can be made of porcelain or plastic resins that are the same color as your natural teeth. The procedure to bond your teeth is quite simple. Dentists or hygienists mix up a bonding agent and then use the agent to repair your teeth. Usually, the bonding agent is hardened by using a special light.

Bonding usually fixes teeth that need reshaping to restore the look of natural teeth after a cavity, filling, trauma, or other issue. It can also be used to correct spaces between teeth, such as the space that many adults have between their two front teeth.

Why Do I Need To Whiten My Teeth in the First Place?

When all of your permanent teeth came in, they were perfectly white and beautiful. However, over time, your teeth may begin to yellow or look brown and stained. You can stain your teeth through nicotine use, eating berries or other foods that stain your teeth, or drinking a lot of coffee. Your teeth can look dull or cloudy in photos, which no one wants. Whitening your teeth allows your teeth to become bright and shiny again.

Can I Whiten My Bonded Teeth?

You can have your bonded teeth whitened, but you may have to visit a dentist to have it done. If the dentist uses plastic resin, you can whiten your teeth using over-the-counter products. However, if the dentist uses porcelain as a bonding agent, you will need to come and visit our dentist to have them whiten your teeth in the office. Dentists may be able to whiten your bonded teeth through whitening or bleach trays or even with a laser. You need to consult with the dentist to get the best whitening treatment for you. Give our office a call today to schedule an appointment.

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